90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Terms and Conditions

NWC, Inc., is so confident that its dealers will be successful with their dealership that we offer this 100% money back guarantee to any dealer who tries our program and is unable to make sales. 

If you need to request a refund, please follow the steps below in order for us to quickly process and refund your money, during the first 90-days of your dealership.


  1. Open an account on Ebay at www.ebay.com and obtain your sellers ID.  This is a completely FREE process.  If you do not own a computer, you can easily accomplish this step by going to a local library, which offers FREE internet access.


  1. Once you have your Ebay account, you will need to run at least 5 separate auctions with full item descriptions and a clear crisp image of the product..  You are free to select from the following categories for these auctions; VCRs, DVD Players, Camcorders, CD Players, TVs of 27 or smaller in size.  You  must run at least 5 auctions using items from these categories, you do not have to run an auction from each category, as long as you run a total of 5 unique auctions using items from any one or more of these categories.  Each one of the 5 auctions will cost you between $2.50 and $3.00.  Your total cost will be well under $20.00 for running these auctions.  You must be sure to include a clean clear picture of the product, the manufacturer's model number in both the description and title of the auction, and a detailed description of the product.


  1. You need to set the opening selling price on the items you are listing at your current wholesale cost from NWC, Inc., plus the auction-listing fee.  Here is an example of how to set your opening auction price; you select a Panasonic 4 head VCR PVV4022 that costs you $54.95 wholesale.  Let us say your cost for running this auction was $3.00, you would add the $3.00 to the $54.95 and your opening bid price would be $57.95.  Shipping must be listed at the same rate that NWC, Inc charges you for shipping, you cannot inflate the shipping charge for purposes of this guarantee.


  1. Ebay allows you to set the number of days your auctions run, you will need to set this to at least 5 days for the purpose of this guarantee.  We have found the longer an auction runs, the more bids and the higher the final selling price is.  You can choose to run your auctions longer than 5 days, but not less for the purpose of this guarantee.


  1. At the end of your auctions you will be notified by Ebay, via an email, that either your items sold or had no bids.  We know at NWC, Inc., from experience that you will sell these items, and that is why we have created this guarantee, to show you how easy it is to make sales.  If at the end of the 5 auctions you did not sell at least three of the listed items, you can request a full 100% refund of your dealership fee (Provided you are within the 90-day time frame). 


  1. To request your refund you must either email us or fax us your 5 auction numbers that Ebay assigned to you.  We will verify on-line that the auctions were listed correctly and were for the approved auction items listed above and if for some reason at least 3 of the items did not sell, we will issue you a full refund of your dealership fee upon the return of your dealership package.  You may email your request to guarantee@profitbig.com or you may fax us your request to 978-738-0555.


  1. The main purpose of this guarantee is to PROVE to you that you can, and will make sales, if you put forth a minimum amount of effort.   If you are having any difficulty with selecting the items you would like to advertise on Ebay, just email us at auctions@profitbig.com and we will email you the top 5 selling items at the time, that you may want to list.

This refund policy is valid only on dealerships purchased directly from NWC, Inc. and paid in full upfront.  This does not apply to dealerships that have been leased or are on a monthly payment plan.

Dealerships or any services purchased from affiliates or any third parties are not covered by this 90-day guarantee and you should view the guarantee (if any) offered by the party you are making the purchase from.